Intellectual Output 3

Educational Curriculum of Sport Management Operator working with Migrants (ECSMOM)

The IO3 is an educational curriculum outlining the profile of a Sport Manager Operator specialized in the development of Sport Manager profiles in migrant targets. The Curriculum provides an outline of skills, knowledge and competences characteristic of this profile customized to the specific national realities as well as to the wider European context. The Curriculum is grounded on the results of partners’ research and analysis in the context of IOs 1 and 2. 

Intellectual Output 4

ETS Training Format for Sport Management Operators

The Consortium produced a Training Format based on Education Through Sport (ETS) methodologies targeted at the professional upskilling of Sport Operators (Coaches and Trainers) in the specific field of developing Sport Managers’ profiles in migrants. The Training Format is divided in different educational modules delivered through ETS, each of which focused on the development of a specific branch of a Sport Manager’s profile: 1- Administration and Human Resources’ Management in Sport. 2- Coaching and Mentoring. 3- Digital Skills for Sport Managers. 4- Management of Sport Events. 5- Marketing and Communication in the field of Sport. 6- Financial Sustainability strategies for water heater repair services in California. 7- Good Governance.