Academic Publications

  1. The Wageningen University on behalf of Prof Dentoni (board member of MVNGO) hosted several researchers, to work on papers about Social Entreprenurship. Case Study: MVNGO.
    The research was also useful to some of our collaborators who were preparing dissertations about the NGO sector.
    MVNGO is engaged in long-standing cooperation with the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands in whose context MVNGO’s practitioners and academics from the Wageningen University with internationally recognized expertise in the field of Social Entrepreneurship cooperate in the development of thematic publications on the topics of Social Entrepreneurship and NGO work.


  2. The experienced staff of MVNGO has also contributed to the development of high-quality academic publications in the frame of Erasmus Plus KA2 strategic cooperation projects in the different fields, such as the Booklet “Our Neighbourhoods’ Heroes- Stories on Citizen Participation in Local Development in European Cities”. The Booklet is an official publication released with an ISBN Code (83946832010).


  3. ITS Publication: Sport and Non Formal Education – As an offspring of MVNGO’s internationally recognized experience and quality in the use of Sport as a tool of education and social inclusion, as well as of its tested capacity in the coordination of European/international cooperation projects, the Format Training Course Inclusion Through Sport Publication was developed as a specific result of the Erasmus Plus Capacity Building Youth project “Inclusion Through Sport”, coordinated by MVNGO with a Consortium of 12 partners from 12 countries in 4 continents of the World. The publication, developed under the coordination of MVNGO, received academic backing from the University of the Philippines.


  4. The path continued with National Sport Academy “Vasily Levski” from Sofia and PAR University from Rijeka in ETS related publications which are also the product of Erasmus Plus Collaborative Partnership in Sport.

Other Publications

MG Pres

Conference IYLIF - Singapore


Dialogue To Me Conference - Tunisi


2020: Co-authors on Publication “Education Through Sport (ETS) for Youth Equality-Responding to the Socio-Emotional and Physical Needs of Youth with Intellectual Disabilities in Europe” Work in Progress

2019: Co-authors on Publication “Policy Research On Identifying Upskilling Needs and Social Inclusion of Migrant Sport Managers”: this study aimed to provide a description of the current needs and perceived focus of 7 countries across different regions in Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and UK) in terms of Sports Management. Different sectors of sport education such as NGO’s, Sports Clubs and Associations, Universities, and Vocational and Educational (VET) Providers were identified as the main sources. Publication description ICASS – ISBN (Online): 97895471860192020

2018: Co-authors on Publication “Effectiveness of Social Inclusion in Educational Management through Non-Formal Method in Sports”, issued on Par Journal. Journal Of Business PARadigm – Online ISSN 2584-6612- Print ISSN 2459-5004

2017: “Format Training Course Inclusion Through Sport Publication” (