Intellectual Output 1

Report on Migrant’s Upskilling Needs in Sport

This output consist in a cross-country analysis of the existing barriers and upskilling needs faced by migrants in the field of Sport, with a focus on identifying the external (i.e. context-related) as well as internal (i.e. skills-related) factors hampering an increased representation of migrants targets in leading roles within the sector of Sport. The research was carried out nationally in each partner country through a combination of desk (collection and pondered study of existing statistical data and academic literature) and field (circulation of a Survey among Sport and migrant stakeholders) methods. The research’s results were integrated in a Report, combining both an outline of the existing landscape of upskilling needs and prescriptions over potential pathways of improvement.

Intellectual Output 2

Report on ETS Profiles

This Output  contains a descriptive assessment and evidence-based prescriptions with regards to:
– The existing landscape of Sport Educators’ curricula in the field of development of Sport Managers’ profiles, at the national level (in each partner country) as well as at the wider European level (aspects of similarity, differences and common challenges between the national contexts analysed).
– The gaps in existing curricula as compared with the upskilling needs and educational constraints of migrant audiences, as identified in Intellectual Output 1. This branch of the Report’s descriptive/prescriptive analysis concerns the national and European dimensions.
– The potential pathways of improvement/integration/adaptation in existing curricula in a logic of customization to the needs and constraints of an audience of migrants.  The prescriptive analysis concerns and is grounded on the evidence basis collected at the national and European level.