Intellectual Output 5

Handbook for the Development of ETS Educational Profiles  

The Handbook is a reference resource targeted at Sport Educators and organizations working/interested in working in the development of Sport Management Operators (Coaches and Trainers) employing ETS as a tool. 


Intellectual Output 6

Local Activities’ Plan 

The output is an Action Plan outlining the programme of local actions to be implemented in each partner country by the national groups of Sport Educators aimed at empowering migrants as Sport Managers. 

Intellectual Output 7

Guide on Migrants’ Empowerment in Sport 

The Guide is a tangible result of the phase of Local Activities with migrants implemented at the level of each partner country, serving as a practical resource for Sport operators and organizations in the concrete implementation of empowerment programmes in Sport Management targeted at migrants. 

Guide in Italian               Guide in Spanish               Guide in Bulgarian             Guide in Croatian             Guide in Greek              Guide in Swedish