Erasmus+ Sport Collaborative Partnerships

Project title: Enhancing Health and Physical Activity Rates through Pentathlon (EHPARP)

Project dates: 01/01/2020 – 30/06/2022

Enhancing Health and Physical Activity Rates through Pentathlon (EHPARP) aims at employing Pentathlon as a tool of promoting health enhancing physical activity among the European youth and adult population as well as providing dual career opportunities to Athletes in the individual disciplines forming part of Pentahtlon practie who will be empowered as Coaches/Trainers in their disciplines and in comprehensive programmes of Pentathlon for an adult and a youth audience.

EHPARP aims to encourage participation in sport and physical activity especially by supporting Council Recom

The project is targeted at the following categories, as both direct and ultimate target groups:

  1. Young people aged 18-30 not practising Sport and motivated to approach physical activity and Sport practice through Pentatthlon.
  2. Adults aged 31-55 who are not taking part in Sport and in wish to approach Pentathlon as an instrument of physical activity and wellbeing/active ageing

EHPARP includes the following activities:

Activity 1: Research and selection of existing Athlete profiles for empowerment as Coaches and Trainers in the contet of Pentathlon programmes for young people and adults in all partner countries.

Activity 2: Production of a Training Format for the empowerment of Pentathlon Coaching/Training profiles by means of a combination of good practice research, identification of needs and inputs by selected Athletes in the context of local workshops.

Activity 3 : Local Piloting of the Format with selected Athletes.

Activity 4: Round of local workshops of Pentathlon practice with a target of young people and adults in gender-mixed and gender balanced group. The workshops will take place in each partner country with an audience of 30 young people aged 18-30 and 30 adults aged 31-55 per country.

Activity 5: Online platform with learning modules and simulations of online exercises for an audience of prospective Coaches and Trainers in Pentathlon, comprised of exercises and simulations. The platform will be compounded and connected to a specific APP for the measurement of users’ performance.