Healthy Living for Long Existing

Start: 01-08-2018 – End: 31-07-2019
Project Reference: 2018-2-DE04-KA105-016853
EU Grant: 24004 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility


We tried to draw attention to healthy life and obesity problem. In this project, young people from different cultures and history will discuss about being more active in areas of olympism , healthy living, fair play and sporting organizations and share their ideas. However, they will learn by providing their ideas , forming common ideas; consequently they will learn through experience. . The project will be organised in Cologne, Germany and it will take eight days . During different visits and activities of the project, German culture and hospitality will be shown to the European participants. Total number of participants is 43. The project includes different location visitings , group activities and individual workshops. There will be the final performance at the end of the project. All activities which will be planned will be consisted of the non formal education and life long learning techniques and the 8 key competences of the erasmus plus for youth will be gained throughout all planned workshops. Project will be organised from Youth for Youth so all partners will share equal partnership and responsibilities and all of us will make this project happen through collaboration, interaction and active participation. In our project, Germany group will be consisted of 7 participants whereas all the other groups will be consisted of 5. Our partners are from Turkey, Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Slovenia and Bulgaria. Groups will be gender balanced and as a long term result of the project we will open a halthy living online blog. One day before the end of the project, we will interact with the local community of Cologne in order to raise the awareness of the locals on top of Olympism, sports ad healthy living.