DU MOTION (Dubrovnik Motion)

Big Sport Collaborative Partnership Erasmus+

Project Title: DU MOTION (Dubrovnik Motion)

Duration: 30 months

The objective of the project is to foster informal education of volunteers how and in what way all the services in the organization of the sports international competition function. A similar model can be applied in domestic and local competitions only in a smaller format.

There will be developed 4 training modules: event management, logistics, service, Facility service (indoor and outdoor) and competition organization.

The education will be done by a group of expert/trainers, they will be lecturers (people who have experience in organizing sports events). After the training, volunteers will participate in sport competitions, domestic or international competitions.

The final event is in Dubrovnik in 2022 at the DU MOTION HALF MARATHON race. During the final sport event, the will be also Final sport conference. Five volunteers from each country will participate in the final event.