Rede de Facilitadores Inclusão Pelo Desporto

Start: 14-09-2015 – End: 13-08-2017
Project Reference: 2014-2-PT02-KA205-002021
EU Grant: 53890.3 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the


The Facilitators’ network aims to be a programme that promotes the social and educational function of sport. On this basis, we intend to create the FIT2FIT campaign. This is a transnational project organised by IUNA in partnership with several organisations interested in promoting sport as a means for professional and personal growth and the civic participation of young people by means of training young university students to create social entrepreneurship projects.
The title of the campaign is a pun on the word “Fit” which in English has two meanings “Fit” as in keeping “Fit” and “fitting in”. Within this context it conveys 2 messages: 1) promotion of healthy lifestyle habits and, 2) the need for inclusion within society. It reminds us of the idea that through sport it is possible to “fit in” or include young people in society.
Sport must be seen as much more than just physical activity. As non-formal education it can help young people to develop healthy lifestyles and also teach valuable life skills and help in the process of personal and professional development. This is particularly true for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
For these reasons the FIT2FIT campaign will be created. It offers 16 young people aged between 18 and 25 pedagogical training, professional preparation and education in leadership and business skills using the topic of inclusion through sport. At the end of the training, the young people will be integrated into a Group of Facilitators who will facilitate the construction of social and sports entrepreneurship which will be part of the FIT2FIT campaign. The facilitators will act as multipliers at 9 Portuguese, Italian and Croatian higher education institutions. The purpose of the organisation of 8 seminars is to train around 240 young volunteers who are invited to gain organisational and social entrepreneurship competencies which will lead to the implementation of at least 20 new educational and social sport projects aimed at 3000 young people at social risk.
By promoting the multiplication and civic participation of young facilitators and young volunteers using a sustainable business model, we believe we are promoting the employment and inclusion of young people on the job market and at the same time, involving them in the resolution of social and educational issues via the use of the practice of inclusive sport for young people at social risk.
exchange of good practices
Action Type: Strategic Partnerships for youth