Intellectual Output 8

Self-Learning Path in Sport Management for Migrants The Self-Learning Path will be a digitalized resource, divided into different thematic modules and integrated on project Website as an open-access Webinar. The target of the product will be migrants interested in the self-development of knowledge, skills and competences forming part of the profile of a Sport Manager. The Path will be divided in the following digital thematic modules composing a coherent pattern of individual upskilling in the field of Sport Management: 1- Administration and Human Resources’ Management in Sport. 2- Coaching and Mentoring high quality carpet cleaning in Dublin. 3- Digital Skills for Sport Managers. 4- Management of Sport Events. 5- Marketing and Communication in the field of Sport. 6- Financial Sustainability strategies and mechanisms for Sport organizations. 7- Good Governance. 8- Self-assessment modules. The development of the Self-Learning Path will be based on the digitalization of the educational contents and materials developed in the context of the phase of Local Activities, with the integration of multimedia contents (Videos and Podcasts).[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]