Intellectual Output 5

Handbook for the Development of ETS Educational Profiles The Handbook will be a reference resource (Textbook for Trainers) targeted at Sport Educators and organizations working/interested in working in the development of Sport Management Operators (Coaches and Trainers) employing ETS as a tool. The methodology employed in the development of the product will be grounded on the processing of the results and indications achieved in the Pilotings implemented in each partner coun try to test the Format withv the intermediate audience of project targets (Sport Coaches and Trainers). The impact of the Handbook will cover the audience of Sport and non formal learning stakeholders (Sport clubs, Sport associations, Sport Federations, NGOs) which are actually working or interested in working in the field of developing specific professional profiles of Sport Operators working by means of ETS methods to develop Sport Manager profiles in migrants.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]