“Mine Vaganti NGO” (MVNGO) is a no-profit organisation born in Sardinia in 2009. “Mine Vaganti” means something dynamic. For our staff of professionals it means being social entrepreneurs and keeping the passion for social purposes, in a modern concept of NGO. MVNGO works on Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Cosme, Europe for Citizens, Creative Europe, EuropeAid, EaSi, Life+, IEE, the United Nations programmes (UNDEF) and with foundations such as EYF, Fondazione con il Sud, Anna Lindh and Open Society. Since 2012, MVNGO support the so called MVNGO Sport Branch which work on project linked to Sport as a tool for Education. read more

    MVNGO Sport Branch GOALS

To encourage individual and professional development of each member;
To develop new skills and knowledge on using NFE;
To promote social inclusion using Sport;
To create a global network of NFE Trainers;
To promote “Education Through Sport” methodology

                                      MVNGO Sport Branch

MVNGO Sport Branch was established in 2012 and is now composed of 5 active members and international professionals.

The aim of MVNGO Sport Branch is to support and improve the use of NFE and Sport, in combination, as a tool for education, social inclusion, mutual understanding, entrepreneurial development, leadership etc.
MVNGO Sport Branch’s professionals would like to further develop knowledge and competences in youth/adult/sport workers around the world, on the following areas:
− Principles of NFE Sports tools
− New teaching methods and tools on education through sport
− Sport Management competences

MVNGO Sport Branch has successfully implemented the following projects since 2012:

− 2012: Youth in Action Youth Exchange “ExSport ME Import Us”: Sport values, health.

− 2012: European Youth Foundation “Inclusive Sport in Sardinia: Sport as a tool for inclusion, Pilot Activity.

− 2013: Youth in ActionProgramm: TC “Inclusive Sport for All”, Sport as an educational tool.

− 2013:Youth in ActionProgramme, “Two Islands One Move” Youth Exchange related to The European Move Week 2013, Exchange of good practices between islands.

− 2013:GrundtvigProgramme In Training Service “Education and Sport for All”, Sport as an educational tool.

− 2014: Large Scale Project “Fill My Value Backpack” (FMVB),supported and co-financed by MVNGO Sport Branch, which took part in a work-visit to Kenya. FMVB is organized by a non-formal group of young people, who are willing to implement ‘NFE through Sport’ classes to children from deprived areas.

− 2014: Move Week Sassari 2014 a Sport event which involved more than 1000 people in the Parco di Bunnari. The event was part of the European Campaign Now We Move, promoted by ISCA.

− 2014:Erasmus+ Programme Youth in Action TC “Education for All” in Marrakech, Sport as an educational tool.

− 2015: Coordinator Erasmus Plus Capacity Building Youth, “Inclusion Through Sport” (ITS):Sport & Non Formal Education in 4 Continents and 12 countries with sharing of best practice and production of Format TC and Handbook: “involves 12 countries from 4 continents. The project aims at exploring the role of Sport as an educational vehicle to promote youth social inclusion, community values and respect of diversity. ITS is a success-case in Sport education providing MVNGO (designer, applicant and coordinator of the proposal) with managerial, logistical and methodological experience.

− 2016: Partnership on the Collaborative Partnership, “European Everyday of Sport”. The project aims at exploring good practices related to promoting the social and healthy development value of Sport and physical activity, with a particular focus on previous editions of the European Week of Sport, as a means to produce and promote tools for different professional groups targeted at motivating more people to do Sports in everyday life. The project will create a set of Web-based resources (Educational Platform and Android/IPhone application) targeted at improving good governance in the Sport field as well as an innovative network of professionals.

− 2016: Coordinator Erasmus Plus Collaborative Partnership,“Young Ambassador for Sport and Volunteering” aimed at disseminating the Education Through Sport methodology in Europe, which MVNGO coordinates after the renounce of the original Danish coordinating Sport Club. The project, lasting a total 24 months, aims at promoting volunteering in Sport, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle through increased participation in sport for all. The main work phases, dedicated to local actions, are related to the promotion of sport culture and raising awareness about the importance of being physically active, and the promotion of volunteering, its values and its benefits for society. In addition, as final output the project will create an online platform which will gather all tangible results, best practices shared and indications for fellow organizations and stakeholders.

− 2016: Partnership on the Strategic Partnership in the Youth Field “ FIT2FIT” aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and employability through sport among young people. The project, lasting a total of 23 months. The project’s initial phase provided a survey of entrepreneurship and employment good practices in the field of sport. 9 seminars will be organized, 5 in Portugal, 2 in Italy and 2 in Croatia, each one lasting two days. In each event, 4 facilitator closely supervised by 2 experts will move up to the higher education institutions and promote seminars according to the training guideline. 2 months after the seminars, the 30 participants of each seminar shall be divided into teams of volunteers and propose an activity / sport design, which will have to be organized during the next 6 months.

− 2017: Hosting Organisation within the frame of France Service Civique in order to host three disadvantaged youngsters for a volunteering local activities: promoting positive values of social inclusion through sport at schools in Sassari.