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Invited Authors

  • -Relevant Departments and Academics of Universities
  • -Professional Athletes
  • -Sports Instructors
  • -Civil society organizations
  • -Officials of Organizations Providing Sports Training
  • -Business Officials Providing Sports Tourism Services
  • -State Authorities in the Field of Sports and Tourism


International Journal of Contemporary Tourism Research

This Special Issue aims to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to present new research and developments in the area.  Areas  of  interest  for  this  special  journal  issue  include,  but  are  not  limited  to,  the  following topics:


  • Overview of Sports Education
  • Investments in Sports Education
  • Global Approaches and Policies in Sports Education
  • Sustainability in Sports Education
  • Regional Development in Sports Education
  • Local Development in Sports Education
  • Promotion and Marketing in Sports Education


  • Global Overview of Sports Tourism
  • Current Trends, Practices, Problems and Solution Suggestions in Sports Tourism
  • Market Evaluation, Promotion and Marketing in Sports Tourism
  • Reflections of Sports Tourism on Regional Development
  • Reflections of Sports Tourism on Urban Identity and Branding
  • State Supports, Legislation and Country Policies for Sports Tourism


  • Evaluation of Sports Tourism Types in terms of Alternative Tourism Marketing
  • Recreational Evaluation of Sports Tourism Types
  • Development and Sustainability of Destinations
  • Football Tourism
  • Tournament and Indoor Sports
  • Olympics
  • Nostalgia Sports Tourism

Author Guidelines & Information

Lead Guest Editor: Prof.Dr. Volkan Altıntaş, İzmir Katip Çelebi University

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Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.