Building healthy Communities, changing opportunities

“Building healthy Communities, changing opportunities” is a Collaborative Partnership Sport coordinated by the Bulgarian NGO Mundus Bulgaria, with MVNGO as a partner organization. The Consortium involves 5 organizations from Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Cyprus and Italy.

The project aims at proposing concrete measures in view of promoting voluntary
activities in sports, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and raising awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle through education through sport methodology and increased participation in sport for all.

The schedule of proposed activities consists of implementation of various workshops and events, as well as significant work to be implemented by the promoters on local level simultaneously. The project will employ also transnational meetings between partners in between its main activities, in view of setting up strategies for the successful and coordinated implementation of local activities in each of the participating countries. The transnational meetings will be held also with the purpose to present the results achieved at each project stage and to ensure quality monitoring process during its lifetime.

The activity foreseen in the 24 month cooperation are the following:

– Kick-off Meeting.

– Visibility actions online in each partner country.

– Local training activities and awareness-raising actions in each partner country.

– Strategic Planning and Evaluation Meeting.

– Local actions on promotion of Sport culture, physical activeness, Education Through Sport and volunteering in Sports in each partner country.

– Mid-term Evaluation Meeting.

– Production of project Output (held at the international level with the support of all the partners).

– Multiplier Public Dissemination Events in each partner country.

– Final Evaluation Meeting.

– Project Closure.