The ADMINS project addresses the need for fostering the job-related skills and competences of sports administration employees, who in turn strengthen the capacities of sports organizations and contribute to better governance in sports. 

The project will develop an innovative program that will support the development of knowledge and skills and the performance of sports organizations and sports in general.  

Participants’ learning will be supported by several experts from different relevant fields, with a single objective: to provide sports administrators with the knowledge, skills and competences to improve their own performance and that of their organizations, thus further contributing to the development of sport. 

The learning process is divided into six educational modules, relating to sports management, marketing activities, event organization, sports law, office management, EU project writing, drafting and communication. These modules will be based on a personalized curriculum, which will be developed in accordance with research previously conducted on the needs of sports administrators working in sports organizations in all partner countries involved. 


  1. Creation of an online platform;
  2. Development of a learning curriculum;
  3. Video creation;

Start: 01-01-2020 – End: 30-06-2022

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