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sport as a vehicle for social inclusion


Erasmus+ Sport Small Collaborative Partnership

Title of the Project: Leveraging Education Through Sport for INnovative Changes Leading to Unification of Disability and Education – Let’s Include.

Project Dates: 01/01/2020 – 31/12/2021.

The project is a small collaborative partnership in the field of sport aimed to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities of disabled persons. Particularly, the project goal is to showcase talents and challenge steorotypes about disability in different contexts and mostly outside sport organisations, such as schools, NGOs and local communities. Disabled young people often struggle to integrate in their communities and, as a result, they feel impaired comparing to their peers. According to the European Health and Integration Survey (2012), disabled people aged from 15 to 44 years old in Europe are 8.5%. This statistics highlighted that young people with disabilities reported unfair treatment because of their disability. Moreover, young people and people in general affected by disabilities undergo other kinds of challenges related, to some extent, to social inclusion.

The project aims to encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport

The applicant and the partners consider of the utmost importance the concept of “social inclusion in and through sport” that is in strong relationship with the Education Through Sport (ETS) methodology used by Mine Vaganti NGO in many projects. In ETS, sport elements are educational vehicles for improving social competences, soft skills and learning skills. Therefore, in ETS, sport can be a mean to educate to participation and it could be a vehicle for the promotion of a culture of inclusion of disabled persons.

The partners intend to realise a format of a one-day “Sport for Disability” Tournament designed for sport clubs at grassroots level, schools, NGOs and local communities in order to promote, foster and raise-awareness about the inclusion of disabled persons in and through sport.

The partners envisage to realise:

  1. Exchange of best practices
  2. Creation of a format training course
  3. Creation of a network of ambassadors
  4. Four “Sport for Disability” tournaments

Sport can be an effective mean to demonstrate the inner talents that every individual has behind its disability

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