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Sport fest – inclusion through sport

HASM intends to undertake the submission of the proposal – application for granting, according to the call ” Not-for-profit European Sport Events related to the European Week of Sport” of the European Program “ERASMUS+” on the subject of “organization of European Week of Sports” go to netentplay casino pay.

The positive evaluation and approval of the application by the Programme “ERASMUS+”, signifies and contributes to the institutional authorization of the project itself, the financing of a large percentage of the overall expenses of its materialization and the optimum visibility of the Event in European level.

The submission of the proposal and its materialization comply with the relevant terms and regulations of European Commission and the specific magnet conditions of the call.

Subject of the project

The project will include the following activities:

  1. Organization and preparation of the sport
  2. Materialization of the event in
  3. Organisation of a final conference in Poreč, Croatia.
  4. Dissemination of the project results and of the Event at European

The duration of the project covers 12 months and its materialization is scheduled for the year 2019 – 2020.

Project Range / Coordination

The project targets comply with the European needs and overall capabilities and will have wide implementation in relation with the existing European practices in the area of Sports, social inclusion through sport as well as the more specified objectives of ERASMUS+ Programme,

The project will be coordinated by HASM as applicant organization, according to the terms of the relevant call, with the support of the European organizations being active in the relevant fields. The kind of the support mentioned is specified in the section of the “sending organization” according the relevant description of ERASMUS+ Programme.

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