TC Sports as a tool for social inclusion

Start: 02-07-2018 – End: 01-01-2020Project Reference: 2018-1-PT02-KA105-005061EU Grant: 21060 EURProgramme: Erasmus+Key Action: Learning Mobility of IndividualsAction Type: Youth mobility Entrepreneurial learning – entrepreneurship education Inclusion – equity Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)


This project is in line with the objectives of the Erasmus + program, and in particular in this key action, by training 28 youth technicians from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Sweden, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, members of youth organizations, among other actors involved in the youth and sport sector to improve the level of basic skills and abilities of young people, including young people with fewer opportunities, and to promote their inclusion in society and the labor market, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue and common EU values, creating more mobility opportunities for learning purposes.
In this sense, the Football Association of Viseu intends to develop this project in order to create tools for young people to use sport as a way to promote their social integration, personal development and improve their employability.
More specifically, the objectives that the project intends to achieve are the following:
– Promote the use of sport as an educational tool for the social inclusion of young people;
– Sharing and reflecting on good practice between the countries and organizations involved;
– Reflect and analyze the transferability of the different tools to the daily life of organizations;
– Building a broader understanding of what an inclusive attitude means, also realizing the risk factors that lead to situations of exclusion in young people;
– Understand how the development of sport can influence the employability of young people;
– Increase interest in the implementation of Erasmus + projects, KA1 and KA2, as a way of developing life skills, tools for social inclusion and improving the skills and attitudes of young people;
– Create ideas for the project under the Erasmus + JA program, develop project concepts and facilitate cooperation between participants;
– Promote the acquisition of practical and theoretical skills on the topic of the project in a multicultural environment;
– Meet the needs and aspirations of young people, motivating them to participate more actively in their local community, using sport to integrate socially;
– Encouraging the implementation of a European specificity of economic and social growth linked to the development of youth policies at local level;
– promote cooperation with local, regional, national and European institutions / companies / organizations;
– Strengthen the skills of young people who contribute to their personal and sociopedagogical development by increasing their employment prospects;
– Improve participants’ language skills;
– Empower youth workers with the skills and methodologies needed to transfer the EU’s common values ​​to young people, preventing their radicalization and exclusion.