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E-Learning Platform

10 Weeks
All levels
21 lessons
7 quizzes
1 student

The E-learning Platform contains a self-learning path for migrants interested in the development of entrepreneurial skills in Sport.

The course is composed of 7 modules as follows:

1- Administration and Human Resources’ Management in Sport.

2- Coaching and Mentoring.

3- Digital Skills for Sport Managers.

4- Management of Sport Events.

5- Marketing and Communication in Sport.

6- Financial Sustainability strategies and mechanisms for Sport organizations.

7- Good Governance.

Each module is structured in 4 sections:

  • Webinar, containing a video addressing the theoretical aspects;
  • Materials, containing PDF of the materials presented in the video;
  • Exercises, containing individual exercises that the user can implement to acquire certain skills;
  • Quiz, containing 20 questions that will help the user understand if he/she reached the envisaged learning outcomes of the module.